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A couple of things to focus on:

1. Problems develop during the good times. Then there is a crash. The crash is the solution, not the problem. Suppress the crash, or cut it short, only makes everything worse for a later time.

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2. Generally, there are severe problems at US colleges. Students are afraid to speak freely.  “The better” cannot rise to the top. Clearly, we can see that with new age astrologers (economists) who failed to see the last financial crash coming and have no idea how to get things going, psychologists where 60% of studies cannot be reproduced, scientists/researchers where politically incorrect answers could land them in seriously hot water and the students who are so sensitive that the slightest thing – like “Trump 2016″ in chalk – could send them over the edge.

3. The dismantling of the existing world order by Russia, China and Iran is underway. What comes next is surely going to be a lot worse given that these countries answer the following question: What would happen if a country were taken over by the mafia?

And in response to Russia, China and Iran, the US leadership thought it would be a good time to gut the US nuclear arsenal and let the remaining arsenal rot. They have started to do something about upgrading the arsenal, but now (predictably) there are more and more complaints about the cost.


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