Big Picture

A couple of big issues that I am following:

  1. There has been continuing talk about war with North Korea. Read more about North Korea here.
  2. There is the threat of war between Israel and Hamas, and Hezbollah too.
  3. There is concern about war with Qatar and its neighbors. Read more here and here.
  4.  I’m picking up more and more talk about an impending civil war in the U.S., although it won’t look like the last one. The left and the right are ready to kill each other.

There are three players pushing the world toward a sphere of influence model: Russia, China and Iran. In all three cases there is the threat of war. George Friedman at Geopolitical Futures says the signs are ominous: Crisis & Chaos: Are We Moving Toward World War III? He doesn’t actually say there will be war but rather the signs are ominous based on history.

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