Russia On The Brink

American Jews have a lot on their communal plate right now, what with Lebanon, Iran and the chaos in Gaza. But the situation in Russia cries out for our attention, as well. With more than a half-million vulnerable Jews remaining in the country, Russia’s turn back to authoritarian rule should be a matter of worldwide Jewish concern.

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The Culture of Missile Defense

Today, the specter of destruction falling from the sky is back. It could come at any time, in any place, and for no reason. Many are asking what should be done about it. But the real question is what can be done.

Today, the specter of destruction falling from the sky is back. The US enjoyed a decade’s respite after the fall of the Soviet Union during which American air superiority ensured that virtually no enemy bomb squadron could achieve a successful attack. But today, with Iran’s dubiously peaceful nuclear program and with North Korea’s recent long-range missile test, the possibility of an unconventional ballistic missile reaching American soil is no longer just the remnants of a Cold War nightmare.

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China Sees Its Military Future in the Stars

Space capabilities are likely to become a key component of China’s modernizing military, making it imperative that Washington and Beijing engage in a broader defense dialogue to avoid surprises, analysts say.

Military journals and scholarly articles published by China’s defense academies clearly indicate that Beijing sees space capabilities as critical to its modern defense forces, said Larry Wortzel, chairman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

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Analysis: Iran’s growing array of missiles

At the rate they are going, “Iranian missiles will dominate the entire continent of Europe by the end of this decade. Once they perfect their workhorse SLV, their reach will become truly global,” Rubin added.

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 30 (UPI) — With missiles that can reach every corner of the Middle East and survive preemptive strikes, Iran is already “the major missile power of the region, at least in theory,” said a former head of Israel’s missile defense program.

“No other country in the world … comes close to Iran in the number and variety of ballistic missiles in development or already deployed,” Uzi Rubin wrote in a study published by the Institute for National Security Studies.

Energy-hungry China breaks ground in Middle East

China is striving to build economic and political ties in a region which the International Energy Agency expects to supply 70 percent of its oil imports by 2015, but in doing so it risks antagonizing its key trading partner, the United States.

For China woos U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia with the same fervor it uses to court Iran, Syria and Sudan — all at odds with the West and seen by Washington as “sponsors of terrorism.”

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India crosses the ballistic missile threshold

The DRDO shoots down criticism of its track record with a new Prithvi interceptor missile. Rajiv Singh reports.

On Monday 27 November, 2006, with the successful interception of one Prithvi surface-to-surface ballistic missile by another modified Prithvi at high altitude over the Bay of Bengal, India announced its entry into the high technology arena of ballistic missile defence’ (BMD).

Even as the country’s newly anointed defence minister, A K Anthony, rushed to offer his congratulations to the Defence and Research Development Organisation (DRDO) scientists, defence analysts at home adopted a prudent posture with regard to the development. They had sufficient reasons to be prudent given DRDO’s patchy track record in developing high-tech defence systems for the country’s defence services.

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The Gemayel Warning

The hit last week was not a bolt from the blue. For the past several weeks Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah and his bosses in Syria and Iran have made it brutally clear that they intend to bring down the anti-Syrian government of Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and replace it with a pro-Syrian, pro-Iranian coalition led by Hizbullah.

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Iran’s nuclear ambitions seen similar to Holocaust

JERUSALEM — Iran’s reported drive to make an atomic bomb has become an existential threat to Israel that some Israelis are likening to the Holocaust — especially with the United States appearing to back away from confrontation with Tehran.

The alarmists include Aharon Appelfeld, a leading Israeli author who as a child survived the Nazi killing of 6 million Jews.

“For the first time since I’m in the country, I feel that we face a real existential danger,” Mr. Appelfeld said.

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New Report: Chinese Nuclear Forces and U.S. Nuclear War Planning

An incipient nuclear arms race is emerging between China and the United States, according to a new report published today by the Federation of American Scientists and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The 250-page report, Chinese Nuclear Forces and U.S. Nuclear War Planning, outlines the status and possible future development of China’s nuclear weapons, describes the history of U.S. nuclear targeting of China, and simulates nuclear strike scenarios between the two nuclear powers.

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Blood and Oil

With the gruesome killing of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, Vladimir Putin’s Russia stands accused of poisoning yet another critic.

Meanwhile, Syria continues to mastermind the murders of Lebanese democrats. Israeli-free Gaza is as violent as ever. Hezbollah is busy replenishing its stock of Iranian missiles. The theocracy in Iran keeps promising an end to Israel. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is slowly strangling democracy in Latin America in a manner that an impoverished Fidel Castro never could.

And then, of course, there’s Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s easy to think that all of this violent instability across the globe is unconnected. But, in fact, in one way or another, oil and its huge profits are at the bottom of a lot of it.

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