The world in 1913?

Here is a Google translation (French to English) of an article from Rue89 about 1913 Intel. The translation is not perfect, but one can get the idea of the article.

Sometimes, surfer on the Web reserves surprises… I fell on an American site which estimates that the world resembles that of 1913, i.e. the day before the First World War. The founder of the site, Matt Wilson, thus counts all information – and they do not miss! – which goes in its direction, all the “threats” with respect to the United States coming primarily from China, of North Korea, of Russia, of Iran and the Islamic rest of the world. Ca gives obviously a rather paranoiaque vision of the world, with a page-setting which accentuates the side taken care of weapons.

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Then, let us be us in 1913? Where is Sarajevo of the XXI° century? …

Here’s the Google link to the English translation and the rest of the article.


My Comment:

Where is Sarajevo of the XXI° century? That is a good question. I would look to Israel and its neighbors as my first guess. Taiwan is a close second.