Jihad in Britain: Repaying Good with Evil

Recently a trial concluded in London with the convictions of four would-be suicide bombers whose failed attack on the London transport system took place almost exactly two years ago. It emerged in the course of the proceedings that the bombers’ ambition was to exceed the devastation caused by the July 7 terrorist strike which had taken place two weeks previously and which left 52 dead and more than 700 injured. That this was no empty hope was confirmed by experts who testified that the backpack devices contained a powerful mix of explosive substances previously unseen in Britain. The plot only failed at the last moment because of a flaw in the construction of the detonation mechanism.

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The desire to murder as many people as one can is in itself testimony to a truly depraved mind. But the full extent of these people’s evil can only be fully appreciated when we learn of what has been done for them by the country on which they plotted to inflict so terrible a harm.

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An Iranian pipeline through Europe

According to the memorandum of understanding, Iran, home to the second-largest petroleum reserves in the world (after Russia), will provide Turkey with the natural gas to transfer and sell to Europe via the proposed Nabucco pipeline. The proposed pipeline, expected to cost 4.5 billion euro and be 3,300 kilometers long, will be based in Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Gas supplies for a secondary branch of the pipeline, which will pass through Jordan and Syria, are supposed to come from Egypt. Turkey will receive an unknown amount of gas from the pipeline, which is ultimately supposed to yield 31 billion cubic meters of gas for sale in its territory; and Ankara will also receive a concession allowing it to develop three gas fields in Iran, and all without a tender.

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Inside Iran’s nuclear nerve centre: halfway house to an atomic bomb

The rush to process uranium is to generate electricity, officials tell Julian Borger in Isfahan. But there are no power stations.

Spinning the UF6 gas until it is up to 5% rich in U-235 produces nuclear fuel. Keep spinning until it is 90% enriched and you have the makings of a bomb.

That – combined with the fact that Iran omitted to tell the IAEA about Natanz until its existence was revealed by an opposition group in 2002 – lie at the roots of the global scepticism over Iran’s programme.

But there is another huge question mark hanging over Isfahan and Natanz: why is the government in such a rush to enrich fuel, when it has no nuclear power plants in which to use it?

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Damascus has deferred its war plans from late summer to November

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the latest intelligence update on Syria’s intentions reached Jerusalem via Washington in the last few days. It indicated that Syria’s political and military leaders had rescheduled the start of hostilities against Israel on the Golan for the second two weeks of November, 2007, postponing their original planning by more than two months.

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India and China – Competitors or Partners?

India is closely watching the Chinese moves in Afghanistan, where New Delhi has lot at stake. Any foothold in Afghanistan will bring Beijing nearer to oil-rich Gulf region. China is also suspicious of the warming ties between India and the United States, which are seen as an attempt by Washington to contain China’s political influence as its massive economy gives it ever more weight. Beijing’s official media makes no secret of the fact that China views India’s ‘newfound’ friendship with the United States as symptomatic of New Delhi being drawn in against China.

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China warns US against allowing official visits by Taiwanese officials

BEIJING: China warned the United States Tuesday against exchanges with political leaders from rival Taiwan after the U.S. House of Representatives recommended allowing visits by senior Taiwanese officials.

China’s Foreign Ministry called the resolution, which was passed by the House of Representatives on Monday, an “interference in China’s internal affairs and extremely mistaken.”

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US House of Representatives passes Taiwan visit bill

WASHINGTON (XFN-ASIA) – The US House of Representatives passed a resolution calling for the lifting of US government curbs on visits by top Taiwanese leaders.

The House passed the measure by a unanimous voice vote, which supporters said would send a message to China over Taiwan, which the United States is legally bound to defend in any military conflict.

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