U.S. can attack Russia in 2012-2015 – Russian military analyst

After 2012-2015, the U.S. will be able to annihilate Russian strategic nuclear forces by a non-nuclear preemptive strike, said Konstantin Sivkov, the first vice president of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

« declare that the likelihood of a military threat is great as never before now,» Sivkov told Interfax on Saturday.

Western military experts have recently started to talk about the possibility of attacking Russia and annexing its territory, Sivkov said. ‘Russia is supposed to be dismembered into three parts, with the Western part going to the European Union, the central part and Siberia to the US, and the eastern to China. This is a rough scenario,’ he said.

Russian armed forces will be unable to successfully counter an aggression, Sivkov said. «At the present time, the conventional armed forces cannot properly perform their duties in a regional war, like the Great Patriotic War, even in theory. Even if fully deployed, their potential is limited even in local wars. The only factor that deters [the US] now is the nuclear arsenal,» he said.

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Future of Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

The clock is ticking on Russia’s ability to defend itself. We are about to enter a very dangerous period.

Did you know that World War I was a preemptive war? Germany started this war because Russia and France were making technological advances that would put Germany in danger in the future.

Doesn’t this kind of sound like where we are today?

After 2015 Russia is going to have an increasingly difficult time defending against an America nuclear strike. This is due to the advancing U.S. capability to destroy Russian nuclear forces on the ground, during the boost phase or immediately after separation from their carriers.

Future of Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces

2 thoughts on “U.S. can attack Russia in 2012-2015 – Russian military analyst”

  1. Who the heck wants to attack Russia?

    Defend our borders and assist our friend, “yes”, but attack Russia~ not even on the radar screen!

    Rather, Russia~ after we saved their a**es with the Lend-Lease Act of March 1941 http://www.ibiblio.org/expo/soviet.exhibit/wartime.html, and helped to support them during Glasnost and Perestroika, has forgotten that we have continually extended a hand of friendship.

    It is true that Perestroika was a difficult period in Russia’s history, but it allowed Russia to reorientate into a modern “state”.
    and… while Putin’s leadership has been inspirational to many, don’t think for a minute that the changes to the market and society caused by Perestroika didn’t help Russia’s economy get to where it is today! It was the courageous break from it’s Soviet past that has helped Russia build it’s future.

    The “Western Military Analysts” mentioned in this article are either ficticious or dreaming.

    No one will give serious thought to attacking Russia UNLESS we feel they are an ***imminent*** threat to us and even then, we’ll probably wait too long.

    Tupelov 95’s threatening our airspace, Russia providing missile offensive and defensive capabilities to both Iran and Syria, assisting in their nuclear ambitions, undermining and weakening the US Dollar, Russia’s energy policy, etc… isn’t fostering either trust or good will with the U.S.

    Rather than it’s leadership posturing the U.S. and threatening us with a nuclear strike, we should be looking at opportunities for cooperation.

    Putin~ we don’t have to be enemies.


  2. With people like Zbigniew Brzezinski who is running parts of Obama’s campaign, you can expect the anti-Russian movement to be back on the table. It has already started with the missile shield crap that is aimed at Russia by the neo-cons and now it has entered with the illegal recognition of Kosovo independence not on merits or moral grounds but to piss of the Russians.

    Yes we need to be allies with Russia, they are the world’s largest oil and natural gas producers and control the majority of the world’s oil pipelines.

    Russia though has gotten the message that the west has turned their backs to them and are preparing her defenses. They tested ICBM’s at a torrid pace last year and are flying their bombers all over the world and they may re-deploy tatctical nukes in Europe to counter the growing NATO alliance as well as conducting missile drills with their aircraft carrier battle group off the coasts of Spain, France and England not too long ago.

    Russia is preparing for something and I think it is the new Warsaw Pact which is the NATO alliance. Sad but true.

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