Are you good with maps? Can you mentally unfold a box? If so, then you too might be candidate for the new computer game called Foldit. This is a protein folding game that could lead to medical breakthoughs. It’s free so check it out.

Tetris-Like Game Lets Players Find Scientific Solutions
Discovery Channel - May 13, 2008
May 13, 2008 — While it may not carry the same buzz of the recently released Grand Theft Auto IV, Foldit is a new online game that holds grand promise.
Computer Game’s High Score Could Earn The Nobel Prize In Medicine
Science Daily (press release) - May 8, 2008
A new game, named Foldit, turns protein folding into a competitive sport. Introductory levels teach the rules, which are the same laws of physics by which
Folding@Home 2.0 – An Online Protein Folding Game Slashdot
Introducing Classical Guitar Hero Slashdot
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Could gamers help unlock medical mysteries?, Canada - May 12, 2008
The free downloadable game, called “Foldit,” allows players to compete online and predict the path of protein chains as they transform into tightly packed
Foldit Makes Protein Folding A Game
Kotaku Australia, Australia - May 8, 2008
Foldit is a game for the PC and Mac that takes the Folding@Home concept and adds a more human element to the mix. Instead of having a network of computers

Dear Protein Folders:

The response to Foldit in the media and blogsphere has been beyond our wildest expectations and our servers have not been able to keep up. We apologize to all folders who have had trouble getting into the game or posting scores. Please bear with us as we upgrade to new hardware. We’re working to ensure smooth experience for everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Foldit.

The Team.

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Welcome to Foldit!!
Check out exactly what competitive protein folding is all about!
An Introduction to Foldit
Foldit is the protein folding game. This video introduces Foldit and shows how to play beginner levels.
Expert Foldit Protein Folder: JSnyder
JSnyder, a CSE undergrad at UW, shows us how it’s done.
Foldit Gamers FTW
Hank tells us how some gamers are outperforming sophisticated computer programs to help solve the puzzle of protein folding and to assist scientists in findi…
Foldit: Biology for gamers – by Nature Video
Guessing how a protein will fold up based on its DNA sequence is often too difficult for even the most advanced computer programs. Now scientists have create…
Paul Andersen explains the structure and importance of proteins. He describes how proteins are created from amino acids connected by dehydration synthesis. H…
Fold It, folding proteins endgame technique #1
first in hopefully a long line of videos, showing you how to fold protein’s for science. “Foldit is a revolutionary new computer game enabling you to contrib…
ALS Cause and Protein-Folding Prediction – Thoughts on Two Impressive Scientific Discoveries
Mr. Stolyarov briefly discusses two recent groundbreaking scientific findings and the philosophical implications and promises of these discoveries. (1) The c…
The protein folding problem: a major conundrum of science: Ken Dill at TEDxSBU
For 50 years, the “protein folding problem” has been a major mystery. How does a miniature string-like chemical — the protein molecule – encode the function…
Protein Folding
What are proteins made of and how do they get their shape? This animation is based on a great video made by DeLano Scientific LLC using PyMol. The original v…
Nova ScienceNOW Foldit and EteRNA
From PBS Nova ScienceNOW – What the Future Will Be Like. Highlighting Adrien Treuille and Rhiju Das using crowd sourced computer games to solve complex scien…
Protein Folding: Seeing is Deceiving
Air date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 3:00:00 PM Time displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local Category: Wednesday Afternoon Lectures Description: T…
Tags: in classroom to teach Myosin/Actin folding. 9th grade Biology.
The use of Fold It in this video is mostly as a dynamic, interactive scientific visualization. There is a score to it, and I let students play with it for ab…
Zoran Popovic: Massive multiplayer games to solve complex scientific problems
Zoran Popovic is the Director of the Center for Game Science and a professor at the University of Washington. He founded Foldit, a game that turns protein fo…
Fold It CASP Protein
This is the CASP Protein for Fold it.
Susan Lindquist (MIT) Part 1: Protein Folding and Prions What do “mad cows”, people with neurodegenerative diseases and yeast cells growing …
Design of Protein Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Biomaterials
“Design of Protein Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Biomaterials” Dr. David Baker, adjunct professor in bioengineering, describes recent progress in the design of…
Foldit Puzzle 92: Bacteria part 1
This is the FoldIt puzzle number #92 protein folding by Steven Pletsch. For more info visit
Foldit – Intelligent Game to Find a Cure
Gaming for a Cure: Computer Gamers Tackle Protein Folding Solve Puzzles for Science http://fold…
Fold It! Rebuild tool
Brief video to show how the rebuild tool in Fold It! works. Here’s a narrative to help those non-native English speakers that will find it eas…

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