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If you missed my comments in the last post, I informed everyone that there will be no membership site. I ran the numbers, and I expect too little interest to go forward.

Here are my suggestions as news sources to take the place of 1913 Intel:

1. Sign up for my Pipes newsletter. This newsletter is automated and completely independent of this website. Data from Google News goes to Yahoo!Pipes which then goes directly to Feedblitz.

2. Check out my links section on the sidebar.

3. Check out Instant News.

4. Check out Magazine News.

5. Try the Analyst Network.

8 thoughts on “Suggestions for News”

  1. 1913intel is one the very few sites i come to,hope you are not plannign to close it?Keep it the way it is please.

  2. Exactly what Icesaint said! Matt you’ve got to get this site going again as it was; however difficult that may be. Most of the other sites I’m finding are wildly biased one way or the other or filled with flagrant propaganda. If you don’t have time to read and comment or provide links on every article worthy of 1913Intel can you at least keep posting them for us? Well at any rate I do appreciate your taking the time to post links to like minded publications and sources, however I must say that after holding this site in high esteem and encouraging many a soul to visit, I feel quite let down; and although I’m feeling apologetic for being so melodramatic about the whole thing, I do feel compelled to humbly beg you to keep 1913Intel alive!

  3. Matt.. i praise you for this website.. i am in the USAF and also a poly science major, these websites and postings are very helpful to many people who wish to understand how the world is really turning toward a major war. I ask if you do decide to put up the member site i will pay what ever dues are required. it is hard enough to find all this info by browsing site after site. if you decided to keep this site up and find it too stressful then downgrade all the cool maps and pics.. all we really need is the articles and if those folk who need maps, well they can find them… One last thing i can say is read your theory again. understand why you started this site in the first place, and trust me, if its money you need i know there are enough loyal viewers who will pay what ever fees you add to it.. Again thanks for the site and if i have too i can find another.

  4. Matt, however this turns out, I want to thank you for running this great site. I became a regular visitor about 6 months ago, and like the others I hope you can find a way to continue, even if fewer postings are allowed. Please don’t give up yet,

  5. Thanks for the nice comments.

    One of the rules I used for running this site was that I needed at least six articles each weekday. Getting these articles started to become a problem after my second son arrived. Basically, I found myself tired all the time. I’m tired right now with my son strapped on and fast asleep.

    I will think about your suggestions.

    A paid site might bring in $200 or $300 per month. It’s just not enough money for me to care about. $1000 per month would get my attention, but that’s not going to happen. I was thinking of charging $10/month.

  6. Hold on a sec there… This site is too important to close up so easy.

    If you problems are time try…
    1. Cutting the number of articles
    2. Switch CMS / blog engines to one that allows your readers to submit stories similar to

    If you are $$$ limited try…
    1. Paypal tip jar on the front page. I donated the first $20 bucks for the research asst. I would be happy to kick in a few bucks every so often.
    2. Paypal recurring “subscription” donation. Say 5 to 10 bucks a month.
    3. Switch your advertising to a AdBright / Adsense daisy chain. I buy advertising every so often and would be happy to buy from you via Adbright.
    4. Sell 125×125 ad spots via or similar. You have a great nitch site and could do very well. See for an example. $12,000 per month per 125×125 spot. Some sites do Adsense well other do better selling direct.

    Drop me an email if I can do anything to help or if you are going to Disneyland again :) I’m a SoCal local.

  7. Similar situation at many blogs…

    Not sure what Pipes/Feedblitz are but how about creating a 1913Intel account on one of the social bookmarking sites? You can just bookmark all the articles you want with one click and then let readers see your list, comment, etc.

    It’s also time for counter-intel blogs to start consolidating…there are too many disparate sites, many unknown, that could be consolidated into multi-author blogs with much higher readership…and hence possibility for ads to generate some revenue…just some thoughts as we’re on the verge as well.

  8. Perhaps a solution is converting this website to a PHP Slashdot clone. Then users can submit articles. I can also submit articles as I get time.

    Let me do some investigating on a PHP Slashdot clone.

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