Polish support for missile deal soars

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has something in common with those on left, they’re both too smart to fall for something a Russian general has to say. The fact that this general is threatening Poland with a nuclear attack is really nothing that we should get worked up about. The general doesn’t mean it.

I, being not that smart, actually believe generals and high ranking officals when they threaten nuclear war against us and/or our allies.

I believed Chineses generals when they threatened us with nuclear war over Taiwan. I believed a Russian general when he threatened a preemptive nuclear attack to protect Russia and its allies. Now I believe this general when he threatens a nuclear attack on Poland over its missile defense system.

Both Russia and China are telling us that they will pre-emptively launch a nuclear attack should the right conditions occur. This attack will not only target America, but its allies too. Poland being one of those allies.

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Imagine that you are a military historian in the year 2020. You’re looking back to the nuclear war that occurred just seven years earlier. Surely there were signs that we should have seen this coming? What were they?

Do you think the fact Russian and Chinese generals are broadcasting nuclear attack might be a sign? If these are not signs, then why not?

From the article:

A day after the deal, a leading Russian general warned that Poland was exposing itself to attack — even a nuclear one — by accepting the missile base.

On Sunday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the Russian comments were “probably fairly empty rhetoric.”

Sikorski, asked during the interview whether he considered the threats to be empty, replied: “To the contrary.”

“If Russia threatens Poland, then we Poles have the right to feel threatened,” he was quoted as saying. “But this type of statement from Russian generals is a problem for all of NATO and I expect the alliance to take a stand on this.”

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