Russian Men Drink Themselves To The Grave

Nearly half of Russia’s working-age men who die are drinking themselves to the grave with almost anything they can get their hands on.

According to a new medical study, Russian men are dying from alcohol abuse by drinking anything from vodka to eau de cologne, antiseptics and medicinal tinctures. Some products contain 95 per cent alcohol by volume, equating to 200 proof.

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Drinking Away the Pain – Russia

The War on Terror is Over

In his first White House televised interview, with the Al Arabiya news network based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, President Obama buried the lead: The war on terror is over.

Yes, the with-us-or-against-us global struggle — the so-called Long War — in which a freedom-loving West confronts the undifferentiated forces of darkness comprising everything from Al Qaeda to elements of the Palestinian national struggle under the banner of “Islamofascism” has been terminated.

What’s left is what matters: defeating terrorist organizations. That’s not a war. It’s a strategic challenge.

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Russia and Iran get strategic

Looking at the developments of the past 90 days through the filter of the new Russian security framework, a clearer picture emerges. It’s no longer a question for the United States of whether or not Russia will support additional sanctions on Iran. That won’t happen. Russia is on the path to make Iran a strategic partner, a counter to the United States in the regions of rivalry.

The United States falls into a trap in assuming that Russia doesn’t want a nuclear-armed Iran. Russian officials repeat over and over that they have no evidence that Iran has a weapons program. US officials discount that statement but shouldn’t. The United States needs to remember that Russia has nuclear engineers inside Iran working with the Iranians.

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Russia Unveils Aggressive Arctic Plans

In a new national directive, Russia has asserted claims on large sections of the Arctic Ocean. The tone of the document is openly aggressive, prompting fears of increasing international tension over who has the right to exploit the mineral-rich territory. By Matthias Schepp and Gerald Traufetter more…

Mexico Under Siege

Series: The drug war at our doorstep

Mexico vs. drug gangs: A deadly clash for control

Army’s role in Mexico drug war seen as crucial yet risky

U.S. a haven for Tijuana elite

Macabre drug cartel messages in Mexico

Reporters covering Mexico drug wars risk their lives

Tijuana finds 11 dead in 3 days

12 slain in brazen Mexico attack

Sinaloa rocked by soaring drug violence

Drug war mayhem instills a new fear

Muting the music of mayhem


Mexican police linked to rising kidnappings

Mexico anti-drug general is ousted

U.S. guns arm Mexican drug cartels

Mexico violence claims 6 more police officers

6 officers in Mexico crime unit arrested

Mexico drug war’s costs, risks exported to U.S.

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Is Mexico heading south?

For too long, Mexico’s intensifying war against narcogangs has gone largely unnoticed in U.S. debate. At last, that’s changing. For starters, there was the Joint Forces Command report late last year warning that Mexico, like Pakistan, is in danger of near-term collapse. Barry McCaffrey weighed in with his now famous memo warning much the same thing. Alma Guillermoprieto offered a bleak picture in beautiful prose in the New Yorker. Even Newt Gingrich is jumping in, warning that Mexico is worse than Iraq and Afghanistan. Mary O’Grady raised a red flag yesterday in the Journal.

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Russian military a ‘paper tiger’ despite symbolic comeback, says IISS

Russia may be flexing its military muscle once again, sending warships into international waters and dispatching long-range bombers on reconnaissance trips, but the former superpower remains a paper tiger, according to a respected London think-tank.

The recent naval manoeuvres in the Mediterranean and Latin America were symbolic gestures – the former maritime giant was able to deploy only a small number of ships, while the rest of the fleet was anchored at home without enough money to keep it at sea, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) says.

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Iran could have ability to build nuclear bomb by 2010, study warns

Iran will amass enough low-enriched uranium this year to have the ability to build a nuclear bomb by the end of 2010, a respected think tank has predicted.

To have a proper weapons system, Iran would also need to build missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. At present, Iran has Shahab-3 missiles with a range of about 1,250 miles. Documents in the hands of the IAEA suggest Iranian scientists have studied how to convert these weapons to carry nuclear warheads.

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Europe’s Pipeline War

The most recent conflict between Moscow and Kiev over natural gas supplies has reignited the controversy over new transit routes. Europe could get its future gas from the highly controversial Nord Stream pipeline to the north, or via the Nabucco pipeline to the south. But will either ever get built? By SPIEGEL Staff more…

Five Countries that could Follow Iceland into Meltdown

Is Britain the next to fall?

The financial crisis has gotten so severe in Britain that it has earned London a new nickname in the international media: Reykjavik-on-Thames. The question in Britain is no longer when the economy will enter a recession, but when it will enter a depression, with many bracing for a slump that could rival the 1930s in severity.

1. Great Britain
2. Latvia
3. Greece
4. Ukraine
5. Nicaragua

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Britain on the brink of an economic depression, say experts

Families must brace themselves for a slump of far greater severity and longevity than the recessions of the 1980s and 1990s, they warned. They said the current crisis will be of a scale to rival the biggest peace-time crisis in modern history — the Great Depression.

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Check out Google News – On Britain’s Financial Crisis

The Proud Pound’s Fall From Grace
TIME – 18 hours ago
Brits have begun jokingly comparing themselves to Iceland, another north Atlantic island buffeted by financial crisis in the past few months.
Worst financial news since World War II New Europe

Crisis weighs ever heavier in Europe
The Associated Press – Jan 23, 2009
Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have suffered street clashes amid a toxic brew of sagging economies and local concerns in recent days.
Ukraine Stares Into Economic-Political ‘Abyss’ After Gas Accord
Bloomberg – 22 hours ago
For Ukraine, it may have ended any hope of weathering the global financial crisis. The accord with Russia will increase Ukraine’s spending on gas by almost
Greek crisis deepens as S&P downgrades sovereign debt – Telegraph
Jan 15, 2009 … Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greek sovereign debt in a surprise move that … Sunday 25 January 2009 | Financial Crisis feed | All feeds
Ortega for Austerity Measures to Face Crisis
Inside Costa Rica, Costa Rica – Jan 22, 2009
Managua – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has proposed a series of strict economic measures to face the current economic crisis of capitalism.

Obama’s Showdown Over Nukes

Do we need a reliable replacement warhead or not?

Why do nuclear warheads degrade in the first place? As the plutonium pit ages, it slowly emits high-energy alpha particles that can damage the pit as they bore through nearby plutonium atoms. This could potentially cause the weapon to lose power or not detonate.

From the article:

O’Hanlon and other nuclear thinkers have suggested retooling existing weapons to improve reliability as an option. But the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration, which develops America’s nuclear weapons, has said it cannot meet the goals set for RRW by modifying existing weapons. Obama’s position has backing in Congress, which has repeatedly refused to fund the program.

Obama would have a difficult time reversing course on what is now a stated policy of his Administration instead of simply a campaign promise. And any move to produce new nuclear weapons will be read by other nations as a U.S. push for nuclear supremacy, even as Washington urges the rest of the world — Tehran, are you listening? — to do without the weapons. Russia would very likely respond by upgrading its own arsenal.

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