Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs for 2008

  • 1. First Neurons Created from ALS Patients
    President-elect Obama has pledged to lift the seven-year ban on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research — a,30583,1855948_1863993,00.html – Similar
  • 2. Inflammation vs. Cholesterol
    Half of all heart attacks in the U.S. occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Baffled?,30583,1855948_1863993_1863998,00.html – Similar
  • 3. Scarless Surgery
    3. Scarless Surgery. By Alice Park. Daniel Garcia / AFP / Getty. Article Tools. Dec. 15, 2008,30583,1855948_1863993_1863999,00.html – Similar
  • 4. Genomes for the Masses
    James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, did it. So did Craig Venter, co-mapper of the human genome.,30583,1855948_1863993_1864000,00.html – Similar
  • 5. New Genes for Alzheimer’s
    There is no cure, no vaccine and no way to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease without an autopsy.,30583,1855948_1863993_1864001,00.html – Similar
  • 6. A Five-in-One Vaccine
    Any parent can appreciate how much babies hate shots. So, welcome Pentacel, the first vaccine to immunize against,30583,1855948_1863993_1864002,00.html – Similar
  • 7. Gene Screens for Breast Cancer
    Gene screens are fast becoming a powerful tool, not just for diagnosing cancer but for treating it as well. Joining the growing pool of genetic tests for,30583,1855948_1863993_1864003,00.html – Similar
  • 8. Blood Test for Down Syndrome
    One of the best ways to confirm Down syndrome before birth is by amniocentesis, which uses a needle to remove a sample of the amniotic fluid surrounding a,30583,1855948_1863993_1864004,00.html – Similar
  • 9. Seasick Patch for Cancer Patients
    Those motion-sickness patches can really help calm a churning stomach on a boat. So, someone decided to apply the,30583,1855948_1863993_1864005,00.html – Similar
  • 10. Stem-Cell Trachea Transplant
    In a transplant first, doctors in Spain gave Claudia Lorena Castillo Sanchez, 30, a new windpipe, constructed from a,30583,1855948_1863993_1864013,00.html – Similar