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I am not a survivalist. I don’t have a bomb shelter in my back yard and don’t plan to construct one any time soon. Although I do remember a few occasions during the Cold War when I thought it would have been nice if one was magically there. Those under 40 or so really don’t have an appreciation of the tenseness of the Cold War from time to time. Normally, it was nothing you thought about much and went about your daily affairs but then something would crop up like the Cuban missile crisis or the Czech revolt in ’68 or the building of the Berlin Wall right under our noses and those threats from the Communist took on a bite that got your attention. Dr. Strangelove rang too close to reality and made us realize that we were only 30 minutes away from an Armageddon. Like most folks though I went to bed at night worrying more about my bank balance than I did about a mushroom cloud. I can even recall when we had those anti-missile rockets located near all our major cities during the sixties. One battery of rockets was only about 50 miles from where we lived and you could see the facility from the highway. It has long since gone. They probably wouldn’t have worked very well anyway. They were mostly designed to attack enemy aircraft more than missiles. But it was nice to think that something was there to at least give it a try.

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American Chronicle | Surviving Catastrophe–Plan B

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