Borderland: All’s not quiet on China’s western front

Muslim extremism isn’t widely regarded as a serious threat in Xinjiang, but there is evidence that growing Chinese cultural pressure on Uighurs is creating a backlash and more Uighurs are turning toward stricter practices of Islam. Separatism and battles for autonomy over religion and culture continue to be the main apparent conflicts in Xinjiang. Chinese authorities have clamped down hard on unrest, which almost routinely begets violence. Just two months ago, seven people were killed in a bombing in northern Aksu city.

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In the struggle for Uighur culture, modern girls like Ramilla and Abi are likely the wave of the future.

China’s border regions are home to its highest concentrations of religious people and activities.

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Emerging Risk in Venezuela: Nuclear Weapons in 10 Years

There is a real risk of Venezuela attaining nuclear weapons in 10 years thanks to help from Iran. Iran did warn us that it would spread its nuclear technology to its friends. I suppose Brazil and Turkey are friends of Iran too.

Venezuela is quite friendly with Bolivia. As you know, at one time Bolivia had access to the sea. Over a hundred years ago Chile took Bolivia’s access away with its stronger military. I’m now starting to wonder if Venezuela might share some of its future nuclear weapons with Bolivia to be used against Chile. This is all 10 to 20 years in the future, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If something isn’t done to prevent it, we’ll likely be facing an emerging nuclear threat from President Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela sometime in the next 10 years.
He vows that “nothing will stop us” from bringing “nuclear power” to Venezuela. Unfortunately, “nuclear power” is now a common coverup term for a nuclear-weapons program, such as we’re seeing in Iran.

After five years of talking up his atomic aspirations without making much headway, the anti-American Chavez is finally getting somewhere.

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Brazil wins with Dilma Rousseff

Religious groups and leaders mobilised for the Serra campaign and accused Dilma of wanting to legalise abortion, ban religious symbols, being “anti-Christian”, and a “terrorist” for her resistance to the military dictatorship during the late 1960s. The whole campaign was all too reminiscent of Republican strategies in the United States, going back to the rise of the religious right in the 1980s, through the “Swift Boat” politics and Karl Rove’s “Weapons of Mass Distraction” of recent years.

Serra even had a rightwing foreign policy strategy that prompted one critic to label him “Serra Palin”. His campaign threatened to alienate Brazil from most of its neighbours by accusing the Bolivian government of being “complicit” in drug trafficking and Venezuela of “sheltering” the Farc (the main guerrilla group) in Colombia.

Brazil wins with Dilma Rousseff | Mark Weisbrot | Comment is free |

Turkey declares Israel ‘central threat’

Israel is seen as “a central threat to Turkey” in a policy paper written by Turkey’s National Security Council.

At the same time, the security council removed Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia, as well as Iran, from the list of countries that pose a threat to Turkey, according to Turkish media outlets cited late Saturday by the Israeli media.

Turkey declares Israel ‘central threat’ | JTA – Jewish & Israel News

Asteroid Strike Could Force Humans into Twilight Existence – Tech Talk – CBS News

An asteroid splashdown in one of Earth’s oceans could trigger a destructive chemical cycle that would wipe out half the ozone layer, according to a new study. The massive loss of protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation would likely force humans into a vampire-style existence of staying indoors during daylight hours.

Asteroid Strike Could Force Humans into Twilight Existence – Tech Talk – CBS News

Road to Serfdom: A federal bailout of unfunded state and local pension plans

However, there remains, within grasp, one more great leap forward on the road to serfdom: a federal bailout of the $3 trillion in unfunded state and local pension plans.

OVER THE YEARS politicians have “hidden” their payoffs to organized labor, which now commands union dues from 32 percent of state and 43 percent of local government workers by promising them rich pensions that would be paid out after said politicians were retired or dead. Well, that day has arrived and governors, state legislators, and mayors find themselves having promised $3 trillion more than they had planned to steal from taxpayers.

The American Spectator : The Next Leap Forward on the Road to Serfdom

Nuclear Renaissance Blossoms—Without the USA

At this point, the world probably doesn’t need much persuading. Outside America’s borders, the long-awaited Nuclear Renaissance is now fully under way. There are currently 60 reactors under construction around the globe, with countries as diverse as Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, and Jordan planning nuclear programs.

What is America’s role in this? Not much, except perhaps for running after everyone shouting, “Hey, wait a minute, we invented this technology.”

The American Spectator : Nuclear Renaissance Blossoms—Without the USA

YouTube – Future Fear [Armageddon Looms] – USA

The wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth is housing some of the most resourceful, and some might say, over-prepared citizens. As the prospect of Armageddon looms for these folk, how do they intend to survive?

The ‘Future Fear’ and sense of doom that is gripping American at the moment has become a lifestyle for Richard Heinberg. He’s developing a self-sufficient bunker in the Mojave Desert so he can survive whatever the world throws at him. “I think it’s our duty, not just to somehow try to survive this but to change what we’re doing and to create a survivable planet for everyone”. Growing 350 types of fruit and vegetable, they would survive on their own produce. “We’re preparing ourselves to live simply”, says follower Julie Dervaes.

YouTube – Future Fear – USA

YouTube – Crude Awakening – USA

Are the beaches of America’s Gulf Coast really ‘open for business’ after the BP oil spill? An intensive investigation uncovers a series of cover-ups in place of a long-term fix.

As the oil spillage on Florida beaches is merely covered with sand, jellyfish stained in oil wash ashore and fishermen experience numerous health problems. With Dr Riki Ott comparing these to “problems suffered by workers on the Exxon Valdez disaster”, it appears that Obama’s assertion that the disastrous BP oil spill fiasco has been resolved is far from the truth. Will the situation ever be rectified and most importantly, what are BP and the US authorities going to do?

YouTube – Crude Awakening – USA