Who helped North Korea develop a modern nuclear program? | WSJ

This article targets China as the key helper for North Korea’s nuclear program. An earlier article in WSJ targeted Pakistan. China’s strategy since 1982 has the been the proliferation of nuclear weapons to the third world. It has helped to facilitate the nuclear program for these countries: Pakistan, Iran and North Korea


China seeks to undermine the current global order.

Given where we are today in terms of nuclear threats, you had better put “nuclear war” back into your vocabulary.

Pyongyang’s nuclear program would have been impossible without Beijing.

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The North Koreans told Mr. Hecker they had developed all of this indigenously. I asked Thomas Reed and Danny Stillman, both former nuclear-weapons designers and authors of “The Nuclear Express,” an excellent history of nuclear proliferation, what they thought were the chances of that. Answer: “Zero.”

[Who helped North Korea develop a modern nuclear program?]

Which leaves China, the “most likely” provider of the North’s new toys, according to the authors. “There is no possibility,” they say, “of North Korea achieving what nuclear capability it has without Chinese help.”

Stephens: China Joins the Axis of Evil – WSJ.com