Putin: I Saw Jesus in Iran’s Leader

One media outlet reports that what is about to take place is much more than the destruction of Israel. It claims humanity will witness the greatest event of its history and that Muslims should prepare themselves because the final glorification of Islam is at hand.

Khamenei, in a speech last week on the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, hinted that the end is near: “An important period in the history of the world is in formation.”

“Who would have thought that the agents of America and the Zionists in the region would fall one after another,” he declared.

The PJ Tatler » Putin: I Saw Jesus in Iran’s Leader

I take this kind of talk seriously, because I can see the signs of a massive collapse in the world. So many countries and regions are on the edge of collapse. It’s like a massive sandpile that is just about ready to collapse. Once the dust clears the world will have experienced an event like no other in history.

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If the puppet master thinks the end is near, then perhaps he is going to pull a few strings to make it happen. For example, provoke Israel into war via Iranian proxies. In this case he would make sure the Iranian proxies understand that this will be an all-out fight to the finish. In the end only one side can be left standing.

Did Putin see Jesus? I think he saw Satan instead. I’m sure there is something spiritually powerful associated with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, except the spirit is demonic. Notice how Muslims want to cut off your head at the slightest thing. One must walk on egg shells around Muslims lest they be offended. This is all demonic nonsense.

For all you people who are rather casual (asleep) about Islam, you had better start paying attention. Islam is an evil Satanic/demonic political system and religion. The goal is to put Islam in charge of the world. That is the equivalent of putting Satan and his band of demons in charge. Once that happens the heads are really going to start rolling.