Is It Time for America to Harden Its Asian Alliances?

Anyone who needs convincing that China’s military trajectory is cause for alarm should take a look at “Asian Alliances in the 21st Century,”
a new report co-authored by several well-known Asia security experts,
including Dan Blumenthal, Randall Schriver, Mark Stokes, L.C. Russell
Hsiao and Michael Mazza. The report details the rapid modernization of
China’s military capabilities and claims that Beijing is interested
neither in benign hegemonic rule nor in helping Washington address
global challenges. Rather, China’s leaders are ultimately concerned only
with maintaining their power and expanding their maritime reach.

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The thrust of the report has merit. China’s assertiveness in the East
and South China Seas, as well as its increasingly unattractive foreign
policy rhetoric, gives significant reason for concern and little reason
for optimism about China’s real interest in strengthening regional
security cooperation in the near term.

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