Missile Offence: US shield real aim to cordon Russia & China – YouTube

This video is by Russia Today and is important because it reflects the thinking of Moscow and Beijing. Although the guest on the program is an American peace activist from Space4Peace.Com, his thinking is along the same line as that from Moscow and Beijing.

A deal to deploy an American radar system in eastern Turkey has been agreed by the two countries as part of NATO-backed missile defense plans. It comes just a day after Washington struck a similar agreement with Romania, under which interceptor missiles and over a hundred military personnel will be based on Romanian soil. The U.S. says the controversial plans are designed to defend Europe against the possibility of attack from states like Iran and North Korea.

But Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space believes that’s not what the defense shield is really about.

Missile Offence: US shield real aim to cordon Russia & China – YouTube

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Both Russia and China are extremely upset with western military adventures like that in Libya. They feel that America is surrounding them (With allies and the missile defense system) and working to contain them. Both regimes are unstable and getting nervous about their future. While today its Libya, tomorrow it may be Moscow or Beijing.

What should Russia and China do? Should they sit there and wait for the West (America) to build up a powerful missile offense, or should they do something about it now while they still can?

We all know that the above line of thinking is utter nonsense. The missile defense system is actually for future Iranian missiles. However, it doesn’t matter what you or I think, it only matters what Russia and China think. If they truly feel threatened about their future, then America is in big trouble. And by all indications, both Russia and China are feeling more and more threatened by America and NATO.