Russia is Headed for Economic Catastrophe | Foreign Policy Magazine

The real story behind Putin’s return to the throne: Russia is headed for economic catastrophe, and nothing he does can stop it.

The rigid system is teetering, and its key components are breaking down. Oil money is running out, the economy is sputtering, social discontent is growing, all of the massive problems that the Kremlin first threw money at and then ignored in favor of pointless political intrigue are coming home to roost. And the charades that the Kremlin used to be so skilled at pulling off in order to release political pressure are now falling flat because very senior-level participants are, essentially, defecting. There have been two such implosions in the last 10 days and, given the fact that they’ve only made the system more untenable for those who remain, there’s no reason that they’ll stop.

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Things are eerily simple this time around because things are eerily grim.

Disaster Politics – By Julia Ioffe | Foreign Policy