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The Dark Side: Fears of Encirclement, Containment and Subversion

Some Chinese analysts see this as part of a strategy of “C-shaped encirclement.” Perhaps the most vocal proponent of this argument is PLA Air Force Colonel Dai Xu [8]. In a recent op-ed, Dai argued that U.S. military exercises in the Yellow Sea, involvement in the South China Sea dispute and the development of operational concepts like “Air-Sea Battle” are all directed mainly at China. Moreover, Dai views U.S. attempts to strengthen its relationships with Japan, South Korea, Australia and India as part of an attempt to create an “Asian NATO” (Global Times, August 2, 2010). In this view, the United States is building on the posture it created to contain China beginning in the 1950s, which centered on alliances and bases along the first and second island chains. Although Dai’s views may be on the extreme end of the spectrum, he is certainly not the only Chinese analyst who is concerned that the United States is pursuing a strategy of “containment.” For example, in a speech last year, CASS President and Central Committee member Chen Kuiyuan said that U.S. leaders ”will not give up their strategy of trying to contain China’s sustainable development.” Chen further suggested it would be wishful thinking to believe, that by partnering with a neo-imperialist United States, Washington would leave China alone. [9]

The Jamestown Foundation: Fear and Loathing in Beijing? Chinese Suspicion of U.S. Intentions

I think China’s concerns are correct for the most part. At a minimum Washington and other countries are attempting to counter China’s rise.

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