Putin runs Russia like a giant car boot sale | The Guardian

Russian wealth and brains are flowing out of the country. That’s the people’s verdict on another 12 years of Putin

The rest of Russia is in little mood for this. After two decades of freedom of expression and movement, Russians are still waiting to live the normal life they rightly yearn for. Many have given up waiting. A private poll of 5,000 students at Moscow State University found that 80% intended to leave the country. Nor are Russia’s filthy rich too patriotic about the motherland. Negative capital flows doubled this year from $34bn to $70bn. Even if the price of crude oil hit $125 a barrel, more money would be flowing out of the country than in. As it is, four times as much money (as a percentage of GDP) is going out than in. It tells you everything you need to know about a Russia digging in for another 12 years of Putin.

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Putin runs Russia like a giant car boot sale | David Hearst | Comment is free | The Guardian