“Today it became clear that a person who writes in their blog the words ‘party of crooks and thieves’ is a stupid, c*cksucking sheep :),” said the tweet, written by Konstantin Rykov, a media-savvy Duma deputy. It was a clear reference to [Alexei] Navalny, who coined the popular phrase “party of crooks and thieves”, disparaging Putin’s United Russia. A short clip of Navalny yelling the “cocksucking sheep” insult at a first protest against Putin’s rule on Monday had already gone viral.

Medvedev’s official Twitter account promptly retweeted Rykov’s note, sending the Russian blogosphere into a frenzy. It was quickly deleted – but caches of the act spread far and wide.

The mystery of Medvedev’s raunchy retweet | FP Passport

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