Some of My Thoughts

This week has been interesting with several implied threats of nuclear war by Russia. Below are the links from my Favorities section over the last couple of months.

Things are not looking good. Sometimes, like this week, I get very upset based on the articles that I encounter. Apparently, we’re on for nuclear war. It’s a matter of when, not if. Geopolitical experts would disagree because they don’t believe the threats coming out of Russia and China. I have already layed the foundation for war, so their threats just confirm what I already know.

Back in 2010 I wrote an article laying out the foundation for war: 25+ Signs That Point to Nuclear War. In this article I lay out how the historical signs of war are present today.

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It would be a mistake to believe Russian threats of nuclear war only apply to an attack on Iran or encouraging Middle East revolutions. Russia and China are ready for nuclear war and are merely looking for an excuse. Both Russia and China are putting regime security above national security, which is typical of autocratic regimes. Years of Russian corruption, Chinese corruption and poor decisions have left Russia and China in danger of revolution. Revolution means death or prison for these regime leaders. They will not allow this to happen.

Watch for conflict involving Israel to understand how a major nuclear war is going to start.

That’s all well and nice, but is Putin actually ruthless enough to launch a nuclear attack against America? Check out this article: Signs Russia Would Have No Problem Nuking America.

What about China? Check out these articles: Does China Want War? [A Collection of Articles].

One of the things that I have often wondered about is how to inform your enemies that you might nuke them if they cross the line drawn in the sand? Mention that things might escalate and could draw in other countries and friends. You can’t actually say that you might nuke country x because then they might nuke you first. This is actually consistent with Russia’s threat of a “big war” and “suffering across the world.” This is how you would actually threaten another country if you were serious.

What to do?

In my opinion, things are going to continue to escalate until some trigger event happens. We probably don’t have a lot of time, but we can’t know for sure. A trigger event does not mean America is attacked immediately. Spring is the best time to launch a nuclear attack, so I am expecting it around the middle of Spring. You need to start working out a plan of action. I favor leaving America and heading to the Southern Hemisphere.

Let’s say the trigger event happens. You then head to the Southern Hemisphere, but America never gets nuked. Matt was wrong. After you get done cursing my name, you can think about the adventure you are having thanks to me. However, if I am right, then you get to keep your life. Send me an e-mail and thank me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the About page.

If it makes you feel better, I forced my family to go on an adventure to Switzerland. My son is in the local school where everything is in German, but he speaks English. Let’s just say he was not happy for awhile. Now things are a lot better. Both he and I have learned a lot of German so we can sort of muddle through now. I said muddle. He is starting to like Switzerland and things are calming down. It has taken 8 months to get this far. It’s probably going to take a couple of years before our German gets to be OK.