3 thoughts on “Birth of Israel – Birth of a Nation – YouTube | BBC Documentary”

  1. I agree with the one state solution but not for two people.

    The problem is Allah and Islam. Allah wants to wipe out the Jews and so do good Muslims – those that actually follow the Qu’ran. Muslims and Jews cannot live together in peace. One side must go.

    You just haven’t come to grips with Allah. You think he is the god of Christians and Jews because Muslims tell you that. There is one god over us all – Allah. Wrong. Allah is no god.

    How do we really know Muhammad is a messenger from god? Did he prove it? Read this article:


    So Israel cannot live with Muslims in it or next to it. One side must go – get wiped out.

  2. “Israelis cannot just kill all the Palestinians en mass”

    The Bible seems to suggest that very approach. Basically, Israel nukes everybody and their brother. All of Israel’s neighbors are obliterated.

    See Amos 1 and Isaiah 17. There are others as well.

    I’m suggesting that this event may happen this very year, or at least within a few years. So peace in the Middle East is coming but not exactly what you expected. Yes, that will bring on World War III too, but that’s another issue.

    Wishing and hoping is not a strategy. One must deal with the nasty taste of reality.

  3. JL,

    Apparently, Israel will wipe out or drive out the Muslims immediately surrounding it. That’s Amos 1 and Isaiah 17. This is the God Of Israel’s judgement for their treatment of Israel. This is not Matt’s judgement, so don’t blame me, but I agree with it. Why should any country have to put up with the treatment given by the surrounding Muslim countries? They are horrible.

    One can see that the signs for something big are in place. Iran’s relentless drive for nuclear weapons at all cost. Israel threatening to attack Iran. Syria nearing collapse in 2012. Everybody armed to the teeth. The entire area ready to explode. How long can things remain in this state before something happens? It doesn’t look good.

    Failure to understand Allah means you get to suffer the negative consequences. If you don’t care, then fine, but some of us would prefer not to suffer. I think about Allah because of the bad behavior of Muslims. It is Allah who is causing this bad behavior. It is Allah who is the problem. That means no solutions are possible without the use of force when it concerns Muslims.

    Obviously, you see things pretty much the opposite of me. If only Israel would try harder, then peace could be had. War doesn’t have to happen. Things can get better. If only Israel would do more.

    You are flying a plane over the ocean in the middle of a very dark night. You notice that you are losing altitude so you pull up on the steering wheel. That actually makes you lose altitude faster. What should you do?

    Should you pull up harder?

    Should you do something different?

    You would recommend pulling up harder. Just do what you have been doing, but do it harder or better. Only that pushes you into a death spiral that much faster.

    If you want a solution, then it’s time to try something different. Try letting go of the wheel.

    In the case of Israel, the something different is obliterating its neighbors with nuclear weapons. I think the reason for this is that Israel’s neighbors launch chemical weapons on Israeli cities in an all out push to destroy Israel once and for all.

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