WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian system’s codes – Israel News, Ynetnews

Document by intelligence company suggests Israel, Russia contracted deal several years ago under which Israel provided Russia with codes for UAVs it sold to Georgia in exchange for Iranian aerial defense system codes

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WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel Iranian system’s codes – Israel News, Ynetnews

The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again

The Russia Today (RT) Moscow-funded propaganda channel, which is backing the murderous regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, aired a special program on Tuesday night on how progressives in the U.S. can “Take Back the American Dream” by defeating Republicans. The propaganda effort was broadcast throughout the United States and produced in collaboration with major liberal groups such as the Campaign for America’s Future, and Demos, all of them Soros-funded.

The host was Thom Hartmann, who regards himself as the nation’s number one progressive radio talk-show host.

The “National Teach-In to Take Back the American Dream” featured Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor; Heather McGhee of Demos; Leo Hindrey, a businessman and self-styled “Patriotic Millionaire;” Natalie Foster, the co-founder of Rebuild the Dream; and Robert Borosage of the Campaign for America’s Future.

Nobody on the program, which also aired on DISH Network, DirectTV and the Free Speech TV Network, demonstrated any concern about appearing on a Moscow-funded channel to promote the “American dream.”

The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again » Publications » Family Security Matters

We’re All the 1 Percent – Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy

The U.S. middle class is still incredibly wealthy by international standards.

After 30 years of greed being good and rising tides lifting all boats, inequality — or “class warfare,” if you prefer — is back on the political agenda.

The Occupiers who camped out in central squares from Melbourne to Oakland, denouncing the “1 percent” for its supposedly ill-gotten gains, have a point: Inequality is out of control. But these mainly middle-class complainers are an incredibly coddled bunch by any international reckoning. This is good news, because we’re going to need to tax them more if we’re ever going to solve the world’s real inequality problem: the estimated 900 million people who live on less than $1.25 a day.

We’re All the 1 Percent – Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy

If you thought the fight was about the 1 percent in the US, then you would be wrong. The entire US is in the 1 percent. Let’s go global with that concept. The top 1 percent of countries needs to redistribute their wealth to the other 99 percent of countries.

Ever wonder why liberals were never concerned about all the lying and manipulation of global warming data? Because it was never about global warming or climate change. It was about establishing a carbon tax on the rich countries in order to redistribute their wealth to the poorer countries – socialism on a global scale. Who cares if global warming is man-made or part of the natural cycles that the Earth goes through?

Are Rich People Unethical? – Yahoo! News

At last, an explanation for Wall Street’s disgrace, Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and other high-society crimes and misdemeanors: A new study published in the Proceedings of that National Academy of Sciences found that wealthier people were more apt to behave unethically than those who had less money.

Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley analyzed a person’s rank in society (measured by wealth, occupational prestige and education) and found that those who were richer were more likely to cheat, lie and break the law than those who were poorer.

“We found that it is much more prevalent for people in the higher ranks of society to see greed and self-interest … as good pursuits,” said Paul Piff, lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate at Berkeley. “This resonates with a lot of current events these days.”

“This has some pretty clear implications,” said Piff. “Inequality is very much on Americans’ minds, and the potential effects of severe inequality on individual levels of behavior are major.”

Are Rich People Unethical? – Yahoo! News

We knew this had to be true based on the rules of modern liberalism.


  1. All outcome for an individual or nation can be no better or worse than any other.
  2. If an outcome is found to be better, then they must have cheated.
  3. If an outcome is found to be worse, then they must have been victimized.
  4. The amount a victim lashes out is directly proportional to the victimization.
  5. It is the successful group or cheater group who is doing the victimizing.


  1. Good behavior leads to a better outcome.
  2. Bad behavior leads to a worse outcome.

Although the study applies only to individuals, the same must be true with successful countries, cultures and civilizations. The successful – the rich – got that way by cheating. Or at least that’s what liberals have always known. Now they have a study to back it up.

Next Big Financial Crisis Will Be Made in China – Asia Business News – CNBC

The next big global financial crisis will emanate from China. That is not a firm prediction. But few countries have avoided crises after financial liberalization and global integration. Think of the U.S. in the 1930s, Japan and Sweden in the early 1990s, Mexico and South Korea in the later 1990s and the U.S., UK and much of the eurozone now. Financial crises afflict every kind of country. As Carmen Reinhart of the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard have remarked, they are “an equal opportunity menace”. Would China be different? Only if Chinese policymakers retain their caution.

Next Big Financial Crisis Will Be Made in China – Asia Business News – CNBC

The 4 Biggest Downside Risks To The Global Economy: Nouriel Roubini | Economy Watch

While recent developments seem to suggest some positive news for the global economy, there are at least four downside risks that could materialize this year – undermining global growth and eventually negatively affecting investor confidence and market valuations of risky assets.

First, the eurozone is in deep recession, especially in the periphery, but now also in the core economies, …

Second, there is now evidence of weakening performance in China and the rest of Asia. …

Third, while US data have been surprisingly encouraging, America’s growth momentum appears to be peaking. …

Finally, geopolitical risks in the Middle East are rising, owing to the possibility of an Israeli military response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. …

The 4 Biggest Downside Risks To The Global Economy: Nouriel Roubini | Economy Watch

Widely Respected Forecasting Firm: A Recession is Coming by Late Summer

ECRI is one of the more widely respected firms on economic recessions, as it has never been wrong when forecasting that a recession would start, or failed to predict a recession well before it was widely accepted.

Achuthan predicts the recession will happen even without a new shock to the economy, such as a spike in oil and gas prices or a Greek sovereign debt default sparking a financial meltdown. If those things occur, he says they will simply make an inevitable recession more painful.

In fact, Achuthan said data gathered since his September forecast only confirms his view that economic growth has slowed to such a degree that a downturn is now unavoidable, likely by late summer.

Influential economist sticks by his recession call – Feb. 24, 2012

Fears grow of Israel-Iran missile shootout

Iran has no capability to defend against a missile strike, said Ferrero, the expert on Middle East missile arsenals. 

“If the Jerichos are accurate enough to get to their targets, they will get to their targets,” he said. 

What Iran does have is hundreds of Shahab 3 medium range ballistic missiles, according to U.S. estimates. The Shahab 3 also has a range of roughly 900 miles. 

Israel, possibly supplemented by U.S. shipborne anti-missile systems – the Aegis Standard Missile-2 — could intercept and destroy some of the incoming Iranian missiles, said Ferrero. But the numbers favor Iran, he said. 

Open Channel – Fears grow of Israel-Iran missile shootout

Philippines reignites row with China over oil exploration rights |

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said in Beijing that the offshore areas belonged to China. “It is illegal for any country, government or company, without the Chinese government’s permission, to develop oil and natural gas in waters under Chinese jurisdiction,” Hong said, when asked to comment on the Philippine plan.

Rejecting China’s position, the Philippines’ foreign secretary, Albert del Rosario, said the offshore areas being opened to foreign investors “are well within our sovereignty” based on the UN convention on the law of the sea.

Philippines reignites row with China over oil exploration rights | World news |