Singapore warns US on anti-China rhetoric

Singapore urged the United States to be careful in comments on China, warning that suggestions of a strategy to contain the rising power could cause strife in Asia.

On a visit to Washington, Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam voiced confidence that the State Department accepted the need for cooperation with China but said that US domestic politics “resulted in some anti-China rhetoric.”

“We in Singapore understand that some of this is inevitable in an election year. But Americans should not underestimate the extent to which such rhetoric can spark reaction which can create a new and unintended reality for the region,” he said.

AFP: Singapore warns US on anti-China rhetoric

This is a good example of the feedback loop process that automatically moves societies from a stable state to a pre-collapse state, and finally onto a collapse state. China says and does things that provoke a reaction from the US. The US then starts saying and doing things that provoke a new reaction from China. The cycle then continues until something happens – some kind of major collapse or change.

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It appears that America’s containment strategy for China puts it on track for conflict in the future. Over the last 500 years, when a rising power comes into conflict with an empire then war occurs 6 out of 7 times. That means when one says “conflict” concerning China they really mean war.

Exactly what does strife mean?

Definition of strife: Angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict.

Singapore is really trying to tell us that anti-China rhetoric coming out of the US is likely to cause war with China.

This is really an added bonus, because Russia is already threatening nuclear war over western interference in Iran and northern Africa. Now we have to worry about nuclear war with China too. Our hapless, bumbling leaders in the west are stumbling headfirst into nuclear war without even realizing it. And they’re reducing our nuclear arsenal at the same time. It is all too mind boggling to grasp.

I often read stories about how stupid criminals were caught. I say to myself, they should be locked up for extreme stupidity, not for the crime they committed. That is the fate of the west. Destroyed because of extreme stupidity.