Reza Kahlili and the Truth About Iran

I recently interviewed Reza Kahlili, and what he told me was revealing.

Pamela Geller: Do you think the Iranian statements about Israel’s imminent demise portend a nuclear strike from Iran against Israel?

Reza Kahlili: Though it is difficult for the West to understand, the decisions and actions by the leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran are based on an ideology which is deeply rooted in “Mahdiism,” and that’s the promise by Allah for the day that the last Islamic Messiah (the Shiites’ 12th Imam, Mahdi) will reappear to raise the flag of Islam in all corners of the world.  As per centuries-old hadith, the trigger for the coming [of the Mahdi] is the destruction of Israel.  The Iranian leaders are on a path to bring about that trigger, believing that it will bring about the final victory of Islam over infidels.  Their nuclear program is for the destruction of Israel and the West.

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PG: What do you think should be done to prevent Iran from striking at Israel?

RK: I think the best course is regime change, …

Articles: Reza Kahlili and the Truth About Iran