The Chinese Communist Party knows it has a problem. A billion Gordon Gekkos are blooming, but moral standards are withering on the vine. Corruption pervades. Villainy abounds.

Everybody seems to be cutting corners. Contractors add too much sand to their concrete, causing bridges and buildings to collapse. Shoddy designs send bullet trains running off their rails. Milk producers add poisonous chemicals to baby formula. Government officials gamble away municipal funds in the casinos of Macao. A third of China’s wealthiest billionaires are senior leaders supposedly living on meager government salaries — while their kids party in exclusive clubs and flout traffic laws in absurdly expensive cars. Everyday citizens are increasingly angry at the excesses of the so-called Red Nobility, and the societal rift between town and country grows ever more bitter.

Enter Lei Feng to the rescue.

Gordon Gekko, Meet Lei Feng –

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