Expert: Putin uses Stalin’s strategies – BarentsObserver

General director of the Political information Centre Aleksey Muhin says the speech of Vladimir Putin at the “United Russia” congress reveals the model of his strategy in the election campaign.

Putin is intending to use Stalin’s image as an effective manager, RBC daily reports.

Political scientists think that this step will let Putin preserve the image of a strong leader as well as to draw the attention of the people who want to vote for communists.

Expert: Putin uses Stalin’s strategies – BarentsObserver

Did you know that Putin feels Stalin wasn’t that bad?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the world against trying to make Russia feel guilty about the Great Purge, one of Soviet history’s most painful episodes.

On the orders of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats, military officers, and party officials were imprisoned and executed in 1936-37 throughout the Soviet Union.

“Other countries have done even more terrible things,” Putin said in televised remarks. “At least we’ve never used nuclear weapons against civilians, never poured chemicals on thousands of kilometers, or dropped seven times as many bombs as were used in [World War II] on a small country, as it was done in Vietnam, for instance.”

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