The United States is seeking to build regional shields against ballistic missiles in both Asia and the Middle East akin to a controversial defense system in Europe, a senior Pentagon official disclosed on Monday.

The effort may complicate U.S. ties with Russia and China, both of which fear such defenses could harm their security even though the United States says they are designed only to protect against states like Iran and North Korea.

U.S. seeks missile-defense shields for Asia, Mideast | Reuters

US missile shield branches into Asia, Middle East — RT

The Asian AMD will likely trouble China for the very same reasons. In a recent interview, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov invited Beijing to step up and voice its potential objections.

Moscow plans to host a security conference in May, where it hopes to make a case against American antimissile system, proving that its stated goal to contain Iran and North Korea is not in line with its actual future capabilities.

US missile shield branches into Asia, Middle East — RT

Given the massive reduction in the US nuclear arsenal, antagonizing both Russia and China is not a good idea. It could provide a reason for these countries to stop the US militarily – World War III.

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