War in the Middle East May Be Inevitable | AmericanThinker.Com

Even though Arafat died in 2004, the Palestinians are following his playbook to the letter.  They are simply biding their time, taking what Israel gives them, offering nothing in return, and waiting for the day when “the Arab nations … join us for the final blow against Israel[,]” just as Arafat said.  But the Middle East situation is more complicated than that:

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These facts help to explain why there is growing skepticism among Israeli citizens about the prospects for peace in the Middle East, and they cause bleak reality to come into crystal-clear focus.  That’s why Israelis are turning away from Tzipi Livni and politicians in Israel like her who preach peace despite the mounting evidence.  As unpleasant and undesirable as this may seem, the Israeli people are realizing that now is the time to plan for war, because it may be inevitable.

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