Obama Suckering America into Loving Russia

In his breathless tweets, McFaul cited recent polls from CNN and Gallup which showed that 61% of Americans see Russia as friendly or an ally and only 2% see it as America’s top enemy (37% see it as unfriendly or an enemy).  The latter was clearly a sharp partisan jab at Mitt Romney, who has announced that he wants to educate Americans about the terrifying threats that Russia poses to American security.  McFaul also cited a post on the Foreign Policy blog entitled “Russia, the Not-So-Evil Empire.”

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Neither McFaul nor Washington Post scribe Scott Clement, author of the FP post, paused for a second to consider the fact that Americans were simply guilty of trusting their president’s statements about Medvedev and change in Russia.  It’s hardly surprising that after four years of such propaganda, many Americans adopt such a view on Russia, and McFaul is still working aggressively to squelch the truth. And, of course, neither McFaul nor Obama has done anything to publicize both’s mischaracterization of Medvedev’s position or to confront the disturbing implications of Putin’s return to power.

Articles: Obama Suckering America into Loving Russia

OK, I guess this blog is in the 2% who put Russia as America’s top enemy. That’s because it has the ability to wipe out America and an extremely dangerous leader (Putin) who is fully capable of pulling it off. Not to mention that Putin seethes with Anti-Americanism.I just wish Americans would return the favor. I know I do.