On Thursday, May 3, Israel mobilized six reserve battalions and received the government’s permission to mobilize 16 more, a security measure due to potential problems in the Sinai desert and the volatile situation in Syria, or so we are told.  But the mobilization of 22 battalions means that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

Eight months ago the present writer discussed the probability of a nine-front war.  Despite the low-key tone of “a security measure,” Israel now seems to be close to that situation.

Almost-nuclear Iran; Hezbollahthe Sinai, with its entrenched al-Qaeda bases and other terror groups; Egypt, if the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has its way; Syria; and the two internal fronts of Hamas and the PA if they can get their acts together, comprise seven of the nine fronts.

Winds of War? | FrontPage Magazine

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