Inside China: Hobnobbing, war hysteria escalate – Washington Times

“The Americans are giving us a very substantial agenda, allowing us to see their front-line units, especially front-line operational units,” said Rear Adm. Yin Zhuo of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on China’s state television May 5.

“The Americans normally don’t let other countries’ guests see their front-line units,” he added with glee.

The U.S. government is the ultimate source of China’s troubles with its neighbors,” stated the more vehemently anti-U.S. Global Times, a subsidiary of the People’s Daily, on Monday. “In dealing with Sino-U.S. bilateral relationship,” the Global Times continued, “we especially need a hawk such as Defense Minister Liang Guanglie to send a strong signal to [the U.S.] to make it stop in fear its strategy of containing China’s development and rise.”

How did Global Times interpret this U.S. policy statement? “The fact that the U.S. is not objecting means the Americans are acquiescing our actions [against the Philippines],” the paper reported Monday.

Inside China: Hobnobbing, war hysteria escalate – Washington Times

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Is showing our military installations a good idea?

It smacks of modern liberalism where if we are just nice enough they will stop behaving badly. This is a nice way to test the theories of modern liberalism. If the theories are wrong, then you get to die along with all those genius liberals.

I think it’s clear that our top military leadership is not good at thinking strategically. The thought of a nuclear attack is as good as impossible in their minds. Therefore, why not show all your cards to China?

Do you remember the mysterious submarine launched ballistic missile fired right off the coast of California in November of 2010? That was China giving us a hint about the South China Sea. We mess around while China fires a missile off our coast. More stories on this here. Anyway, our attitude represents a bad sign about the future.

Here’s a video about that missile: