Japan to send destroyers to China’s doorstep

The Chinese government has yet to issue an official response, but it is more than likely to object if Japan sends Aegis destroyers into the West Sea [Yellow Sea]. “Japan’s Aegis destroyers have a very wide combat radius, so that China falls within it even when [the destroyers] are in international waters,” said Kim Jong-dae, editor of the online military journal Defense 21+. “Conflict may arise, because China’s official stance is that there are no international waters in the West Sea.”

The South Korean government’s stance is that there are no grounds to prevent Japan from sending its destroyers into the West Sea if they remain in international waters. An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said, “We have not yet received notice of anything from Japan. We will try to determine whether or not this is true.”

Japan to send destroyers to China’s doorstep : International : Home

Notice how China’s core interests constantly seem to be expanding? Now the Yellow Sea is not international even though it is bounded on one side by North and South Korea? It is implied that navigation through the Yellow Sea is restricted. Japan may get into trouble with China by bringing its ships into the Yellow Sea.

China is also trying to restrict navigation through the South China Sea by restricting US intelligence operations in this area. Additionally, China claims ownership over most of the South China Sea. China is also moving into the East China Sea and challenging Japan’s ownership of the Senkaku Islands.

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Where is all this headed?

It appears to be headed in a direction of more conflict and even war is possible. Here is what one recent article said:

Japan has one year, maybe two, to resolve the ownership dispute over a tiny group of islands or risk an honest-to-goodness shooting war with China.

Clock Ticks On China-Japan Islands Dispute

The clock is ticking for the US too. It will likely get sucked into a conflict should a shooting war start. This will likely lead to nuclear war between the US and China.

If you think you are heading for war anyway, then it might be advantageous to launch a pre-emptive strike Pearl Harbor style. In the case of China, it would be a nuclear pre-emptive strike. In this way the regime and the military are sure to survive. Otherwise, if war breaks out then it’s not clear who will survive.

An even more advantageous scenario would be to team up with Russia. If an event occurs that causes Russia to think about nuclear war, then China would want to give serious consideration to joining. Russia has already been thinking about nuclear war with America. There is so much thinking going on that we can’t get the Russian leaders to shut up about it. I am referring to western interference or attack on Iran and Syria. The Russians have pretty much spelled out that this will mean nuclear retaliation. Too bad western leaders don’t believes them. Anyway, if the Middle East blows up then start sweating bullets.