Japan pushed to get tough in island dispute with China | CTV Edmonton

Japanese lawmakers pushing for a tougher stance in a dispute with China over several uninhabited islands said Monday the country should allow a team of experts to travel there to study development possibilities and environmental issues.

The proposal is the latest in a series of moves by some influential Japanese to push their country’s claims to the islands, which are called Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese. If carried out, it would likely heighten tensions with Beijing.

Japan pushed to get tough in island dispute with China | CTV Edmonton

Is heightening tensions with Beijing a good thing?

Japan has one year, maybe two, to resolve the ownership dispute over a tiny group of islands or risk an honest-to-goodness shooting war with China.

Clock Ticks On China-Japan Islands Dispute

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So in a year or two we might end up with a shooting war on our hands. Will this suck in the US? I think there is a pretty good chance it will. So it appears that we are on the path to war in the East China Sea.

Look at the war talk concerning China and the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea:

War talk, it seems, is all the rage in China at the minute.

Yes, there are serious people in serious publications seriously advocating war.

You might have missed it during all the fuss about Chen Guangcheng, but, for a month now, China has been embroiled in an increasingly bellicose dispute with the Philippines.

So what is going on? Well, strange as it may seem, the two stories may be connected.

It’s a dangerous dynamic that could escalate much further yet. We will keep watching.

BBC News – China bangs the war drum over South China Sea

With both the South China Sea and East China Sea on paths leading to conflict and possibly war, it’s probably not unreasonable to be a little bit worried. That is especially true now that the US has gutted its nuclear arsenal.