Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin posted on his Facebook page a copy of a 1940 letter from Stalin to gun factory managers and accompanied it with a sarcastic warning: “Such methods of improving discipline also exist.”

Stalin’s letter to the managers said: “I give you two or three days to launch mass production of machine gun cartridges … If production does not start on time, the government will take over control of the plant and shoot all the rascals there.”

“Of course, it was a joke,” Rogozin told reporters regarding his posting but added that failures would not be tolerated.

“Our satellites are falling, our ships are sinking, we had seven space failures in the last 18 months but not a single plant felt the consequences,” he said after the council session.

“The culprits should come on stage. The country should know them.”

Putin Sees Stalin’s Industrialization as Model | Business | The Moscow Times

Stalin isn’t a model for anything except murder. Any smart Russian should be looking to get out of Russia ASAP.

Rogozin’s Facebook post suggests that Stalin’s methods of improving production exist today. Improve production now or you will be shot. He says he is joking, but I don’t think that much. Meaning that people might not get shot now, but who knows in the future. Better to get out while the getting is good.

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