Japan v. China: Smoke or Fire? | Focal Points

Over here at 1913Intel, our model (Society as forest model) indicates that we are already screwed. The current incident over the Senkaku Islands may or may not escalate into full blown war, but the feedback from these incidents to Chinese leaders means that war is near. That Chinese leaders are capable of pushing this issue to the limit means they are capable of launching nuclear war against the US.

Essentially, we are looking at China, Russia and the US moving into a collapse state – war. It is now only a matter of time now.

Historical evidence indicates that the long period of relative stability from 1945 to today has caused complacency in the US people and leadership, and disarmament in its nuclear forces. The deterrence we once had is gone. The seeds of collapse have already been sown. The forest is ready to get wiped out.

Could Japan and China—the number two and three largest economies in the world—really get into a punch-out over five tiny islands covering less than four square miles? According to the International Crisis Group, maybe: “All the trends are in the wrong direction, and prospects of resolution are diminishing.”

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That the two Asian superpowers could actually come to blows seems unthinkable, but a devil’s brew of suspicion, anger, ham-handed diplomacy, and a growing US military presence has escalated a minor dispute into something that could turn very ugly if someone makes a misstep.

And so far, the choreography in the region has ranged from clumsy to provocative.

Japan v. China: Smoke or Fire? | Focal Points, the Blog of FPIF

If handled correctly then everything will be just fine. Not. Handling doesn’t matter because Chinese leaders are boxed into a corner between nuclear war and revolution. Resolution of this matter only delays the inevitable. Something else is going to come along that pushes China into nuclear war with the US.

What if China does not launch a nuclear war against the US?

It means the Chinese leaders will be facing a revolution sooner rather than later. The writing is on the wall. China as it exists now cannot continue much longer. Revolution is in the air.