Gazprom, Israel, and Ezekiel 38 | Geopolitics and Bible Prophecy

The world has taken notice. One gas company in particular has sought the highest bids to partner with the Israeli companies – Gazprom. A company run by the Russian government wants access to Israel’s plunder, is anyone surprised?

According to columnist Stella Korin-Lieber for Globes, an Israeli business journal, the Gazprom deal is a “honey-pot.” One that will put Israel’s very natural defense in jeopardy. According to Korin-Lieber,

“…Gazprom has tried to block every alternative for European gas imports. To this aim it built the northern pipeline that enters directly into Germany and is planning the southern pipeline that if built will block the project to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Europe via Turkey. Blocking Europe from all directions is probably the main reason that Gazprom wants a part of Leviathan, so that it can ensure its passage to the pipeline to Southern Europe.”4

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With the acquisition of the [Israeli] Leviathan and Tamar fields, Russia would eliminate another potential competitor in the natural gas market. Should Gazprom get its hands on Israel’s gas fields, the company would be provided vast material wealth, not to mention complete European gas dominance.

Will natural gas be the plunder that entices Gog to Israel, forecasted in Ezekiel? …

Gazprom, Israel, and Ezekiel 38 | Geopolitics and Bible Prophecy