Is 2013 the year war finally breaks out in Asia?

On Wednesday, North Korea successfully launched a rocket that achieved what few countries outside of the United States, China, and Russia have — a demonstrated long-range ballistic missile launch capability. The country is now one step closer to being able to launch a nuclear bomb across the Pacific. In early December, India’s top admiral seemed to suggest that his navy would protect India-Vietnam oil exploration in the South China Sea from Chinese belligerence, while China and Japan aggressively re-affirmed their “sacred” right to the disputed Senkaku island chain in the East China Sea (which the Chinese call the Diaoyu). China and the Philippines are still facing off over a shoal in the South China Sea. It’s all enough to make one wonder: Is 2013 the year that conflict finally breaks out in Asia?

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Ripe for Rivalry – By Victor D. Cha | Foreign Policy