The gun-type plutonium bomb mechanism is small, cylindrical, and very physically robust technologically; the manners of delivery of such a nuclear device are infinite. Guess who has the technology.

On December 5th, 2012, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article entitled “From Bushehr to the Bomb.” The blockbuster WSJ article reported that Iran had removed, from its supposedly “proliferation-proof” Russian-built Bushehr Reactor in the Northern Persian Gulf, up to “220 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium.”

And, the WSJ article further relates that “experts tell us that the rapid extraction of weapons-useable plutonium from spent rods is a straightforward process that can be performed in a fairly small (and easily secreted) space.” And, “as many as 24 Nagasaki-type bombs could be produced with 220 pounds of plutonium.”

Iran’s Thin Man Gun-type, Plutonium, Nuclear Dirty-Bomb – Op-Eds – Israel National News

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