Predicting 2013 – Opportunities and Threats

Here are some of the major scenarios from Wikistrat’s simulation.

Top Negative Scenarios to Watch for in 2013

Desperate, Syria’s Assad Resorts to Chemical Weapons and the West Intervenes

After almost two years of fighting, the course of the uprising against the Assad regime turns a corner. Rebel fighters, whose ranks include a powerful component of jihadi extremists, make significant gains against the regime’s military machine.

As the rebels’ own arsenal grows, partly due to contributions from Gulf states and partly from captured armament, the government loses its unchallenged control of the skies. Fighter jets are shot down, Assad loyalists start defecting in greater numbers and members of Assad’s Alawite sect begin to panic. Despite countless warnings from Washington that chemical and biological weapons constitute a “red line,” Assad, feeling cornered, decides to use them.

The decision gives the West the clear-cut justification it desires to take a more forceful stance. NATO steps in with a coalition that includes Muslim and Arab countries, seeking to wrest control of the fighting and of the regime’s most dangerous weapons.

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Like other armed interventions, this scenario presents unpredictable dangers. Once chemical and biological weapons are introduced, the risk of mass casualties is much greater. There is a danger that the conflict could expand, particularly if Iran and/or Hezbollah choose to become involved and decide to draw Israel into battle.

Arab Uprisings – some in progress, some nascent – Pressure Regimes, Destabilize Region

Hardline Japan PM Brings Increased Tensions with China, others

Al-Qaeda Makes a Comeback in Africa and the Middle East

Iran Goes Nuclear

Iraq Threatens to Unravel

Climate Change, Fiscal Woes add up to New Global Recession

Predicting 2013 – Opportunities and Threats

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