A Chinese military officer warned Australia not to side with the U.S. and Japan if the East China Sea conflict leads to war. In a related development, a Japanese envoy visited Beijing on Tuesday to hold talks with China in an attempt to cool tensions over the island dispute.

Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu of the National Defense University accused the U.S. and Japan of provoking their country by “violating the security, peace and stability of the Asia Pacific.” He said China is a peace-abiding nation but is ready to fight “to the death” if provoked, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

Urging Australia not to take sides with the U.S. and Japan over the issue, Colonel Liu said that Australia must adopt a neutral stance on the issue.

East China Sea Dispute: Chinese Official Warns Australia On Siding With The US, Japan

It’s apparent that China does not know how to talk to countries in the West. This kind of warning from China has to push Australia toward the US and Japan, and away from China.

I kind of get the impression (from Chinese leaders) that China going to war with the US is no big deal. Just a speed-bump on the way to the future. It is a shame that over a billion people will die, but what can you do? When the dust settles the US will be gone and China will still have a few hundred million people left to rebuild. Besides, China has too many people and a big reduction is actually a good thing.

That’s what I envision going through the minds of Chinese leaders. Not all leaders, but enough of them to matter.

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