Monopoly Junior Party Rules, Pokemon and More

If you are looking for Monopoly Junior Party rules or instructions in English, then you came to the right place.

Original Hasbro Monopoly Junior Party Rules PDF File

I purchased this product in Switzerland. The instructions are in German. I needed the English version which took about an hour to find. The German on the board and cards was easy enough for us to read, but the instructions were a problem.

Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition instructions in English.

Have you considered an easier form of regular Monopoly? For example, Monopoly Electronic Banking cuts out all the paper money. Credit cards rule the day.

Monopoly Electronic Banking  takes the classic family game for two to four players into the twenty first century. The aim is still to own all the properties on the board, but this time you’re playing with credit cards instead of notes, just like real life. With the electronic banking unit, you can keep track of your bank balance, pay bills and collect gifts and debts. Without having to count and keep track of hundreds of notes,  Monopoly Electronic Banking  is a brilliant way to introduce children to the classic Monopoly experience. Source: Amazon.

Other Games

Have you seen Scrabble Junior (Ages 5 – 10)? The rules or instructions are here. The board has two sides. One side for the little ones, and the other for older kids and adults.

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Another good kid game is the Trouble Board Game (Ages 5 – 9). The rules are here.

Looking for Rund um den Kalender instructions or rules in English? It’s called Discover the Seasons in English. Here is the link: Discover the Seasons Instructions

Here is Monopoly Junior Party money: Monopoly Jr. Party Money

Monopoly Junior Party Money
Monopoly Junior Party Money