UPDATE 1-Russia, China oppose military intervention in NKorea | Reuters

Russia and China said on Friday they would oppose any foreign military intervention in North Korea over its recent nuclear test.

The two countries’ foreign ministers condemned last week’s test but said any action against North Korea had to be agreed at the United Nations, where Russia and China have the right of veto as permanent members of the Security Council.

UPDATE 1-Russia, China oppose military intervention in NKorea | Reuters

So North Korea can literally starve millions of its citizens. It can proliferate nuclear technology. It can proliferate missile technology. And we have to depend on the UN where both Russia and China are only too happy to veto any attempt at intervention. I think the problem isn’t North Korea. The problem is Russia and China.

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The US should be heavily focused on faciliating revolutions in both Russia and China. These regimes are a menace to the planet Earth. Not only that. They have lit a slow burn fuse for a large bomb targeted at the West. That would be North Korea and Iran with nuclear tipped ICBMs. Is the West going to just sit there and let this fuse burn? I think it is.

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