Nazi Germany Part 2: Stalin Plans Another Holocaust for Jews

Had Stalin lived, it is very likely that he would have set into motion a second Holocaust less than a decade after the first one ended with the defeat of the Nazis.

Even after all that was known about the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany, in 1953 the Jews in the Soviet Union were blind to Stalin’s threat. He was out to get the Soviet Jews, but as luck would have it he died before his plan was implemented.

So for a second time Jews were blind to the threats they faced as a people. First they ignored Hitler until it was too late: On Fleeing Nazi Germany: Why didn’t you leave Germany while there was still time? Now we find that they ignored a second holocaust being planned by Stalin.

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A good deal of evidence has amassed that suggests that Stalin had a grand plan to deport the Soviet Jewish population en masse. In his book Stalin Against the Jews, journalist Arkady Vaksberg quotes a number of aides close to Stalin who claimed that the dictator intended, after the seven surviving doctors had been publicly hanged in Red Square, to transport the Jews to the eastern gulags. Ultimately, it was Stalin’s death on March 5, 1953, that saved the Jews of the Soviet Union–or at least transformed them into accidental survivors. As Vaksberg notes with a certain relish, one of the reasons Stalin’s life could not be saved was that the most eminent doctors were either in prison or had been executed or deported.

Why Couldn’t Soviet Jews See Stalin for the Anti-Semitic Monster He Was? – Tablet Magazine