Why Do Some Liberals Become Conservatives?

Again, the watershed moment is not usually the event itself, but the person’s reaction to it. Some people resolve the discrepancy by ignoring it with a shrug, and perhaps the thought, “Oh, everybody in the media lies all the time, the right even more than the left.” Or it’s dismissed with the rationalization that it’s not really a lie because a much more important truth is being told in the process. Or it can be justified with an ends/means calculation: lying in a good cause is okay. In the future, such a person might even try to avoid going to the source of quotes, in order to avoid encountering similar discrepancies that might lead to more cognitive dissonance that could lead to greater unease.

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But people who end up becoming changers are much more likely to vow to get to the bottom of it and learn more, plunging ahead with research. People who do so often discover as time goes on that a great deal of what they thought they knew is actually false.

PJ Media » Why Do Some Liberals Become Conservatives?

If the process of conversion mostly goes from liberal to conservative, then why are there so many liberals? This is where schools come in. They apply a positive pressure toward liberalism through all the schools years. That pressure includes the following:

1. Success cheated or at least was unfair. It is not due to a better culture.
2. Failure is a victim to success. It is not due to an inferior culture.