Inside China: China vs. Japan and U.S. on Okinawa – Washington Times

China is challenging a key American policy toward Japan: the unambiguous U.S. support of Japan’s sovereign rights to the Ryukyu island chain, including the key strategic island of Okinawa.

China recently issued a direct challenge to Japan’s claim of sovereignty over the Ryukyus and the U.S. government’s support of Japan’s position. On May 8, the People’s Daily, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, published a sensational and long article headlined: “Not only do we want to take Diaoyu Dao back, but also the Ryukyus are open for discussion.”

After the Okinawa campaign, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in June 1945 decided to exclude the strategically important Ryukyu Islands south of the 30th parallel from Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s postwar administration of Japan, and placed those islands directly under U.S. military control.

In 1951, the San Francisco Peace Treaty, signed between Japan and the 48 victorious Allied nations, placed the Japanese islands in the Ryukyu chain south of the 29th parallel under a U.N. trusteeship.

The treaty appointed the United States “as the sole administering authority” with the “right to exercise all and any powers of administration, legislation and jurisdiction over the territory and inhabitants of these islands, including their territorial waters.”

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Inside China: China vs. Japan and U.S. on Okinawa – Washington Times

So the US was appointed sole administering authority with the right to do pretty much what it wanted. Subsequently, it decided to give the Ryukyu chain back to Japan. That means China has no claim.

China’s argument is that the chain belonged to it historically, and it is going to take them back. It will take them back by force, if necessary. One can see how smart the Chinese leaders are here. If they grab one or more of the Islands using military force, what are the Japanese going to do? They are going to quietly build thousands of nuclear weapons with the missiles to deliver them. Are the Chinese prepared for that?

Here we can see that the Chinese dream will soon be turning into the Chinese nightmare. Either China is going to war with Japan, or it is going to war with the US. In either case, China’s population will be heading south in a big way – the big blow-up. When things go exponential in a big way in real life, they eventually blow-up (See population graph below). China’s population demographics is part of the blow-up equation. Instability in China is another driver.