Defence chiefs warn of instability in Asia |

Unprecedented economic growth in Asia has spurred military modernization in most of the region’s countries where they are competing to boost their army, navy and air force capabilities. This has led to a warning by defence chiefs that Asian countries must guard against destabilising the region.

Asian governments, boosted by stronger economic growth and worried by regional tensions, have been beefing up their armed forces and there are fears the build-ups could be dangerous in the long run if not managed well, the chiefs told an international security conference last weekend.

“There are indeed inherent perceptional sensitivities in military build-ups that could create miscalculations, misjudgements, and mistrust,” Indonesian Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro told the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual forum in Singapore.

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Defence chiefs warn of instability in Asia | | Chinese newspaper, Filipino newspaper, Philippines newspaper.

We have a long period of relative stability since the end of World War II. Now we are experiencing cracks in the system – warnings of instability. These are two of the most important signs that a system has entered a pre-collapse state or tipping point. See my About page for more information on system collapse concepts. In this case the system represents the countries surrounding the South China Sea and East China Sea. A collapse may mean war or China pretty much takes over. Given that the US is involved, then the more likely outcome is war. Take the US out of the equation and war might not result. When this is over the resulting situation will be substantially different than today.