Revealed: Iran’s secret nuke deal with China, N. Korea

Phase 1: Completion of infrastructure for uranium enrichment facilities and equipment, production of parts and then the assembly for newer cascades to enrich uranium both in Iran and North Korea. The intention was to have the capacity to produce up to 75,000 centrifuges. An Iranian official then invested $640 million in four companies related to the Chinese nuclear industry.

Phase 2: Transfer of Chinese plans, equipment, material and technology for forming, placing and making operational facilities to build uranium nuclear warheads, which was done through North Korea beginning in 2010 with construction work started by the Iranians at three secret locations.

Phase 3: This phase, already well underway, would develop nuclear warheads and marry them up with missiles and, according to the source, is scheduled to be completed by January 2014 to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the Decade of Fajr.

Revealed: Iran’s secret nuke deal with China, N. Korea

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The following article is just a reminder that Russia is helping Iran with it nuclear program too.

Russia helping Iran accelerate nuke program [Published on 1-22-2013]

Iranian scientists – with Russian help – have set up two sites to use laser technology to enrich uranium for the regime’s nuclear bomb program, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit.

The Russians had argued that due to IAEA monitoring and Western countries’ lurking satellites, it would be wise to use lasers to enrich uranium as, the source added, it is 16 times more productive, requires less space and energy, and is much easier to hide.

Russia helping Iran accelerate nuke program

Don’t expect Iran to start nuking anybody real soon. There is a bigger plan at work. Iran will first acquire at least a few hundred missiles loaded with nuclear warheads over the next decade.