Today’s North Korea May Play the Role of Serbia in 1914

Dark clouds that covered the world a century ago are scudding toward Northeast Asia. Prosperity, the development of technology and globalization that were just budding thanks to the Industrial Revolution all stopped after the bang of two gunshots in Sarajevo in 1914. The decline of the British Empire, the rapid rise and military buildup of Germany, a late comer in industrial development, and the upsurge of nationalism exploded at once with the outbreak of World War I. Europe restored peace only after fighting another world war.

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Now, the world concerns about Northeast Asia, which doesn`t seem to have learned from the history of Europe, as the power-to-power confrontations in the region increase without any device to resolve conflicts. Comparing today’s situation to what happened a century ago when the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Empire of Austria-Hungary and his wife led to the First World War cannot be just neglected as a view of some pessimists. Niall Ferguson, a historian and professor of Harvard University, has warned that today “nuclearized North Korea” may play the role of Serbia who pulled the trigger for the First World War in 1914.[English donga]