What Abe Said at Davos – Today is Like 1914

Well, he [Abe] volunteered that Japan’s current bad relations with China are redolent of the relationship between Britain and Germany 100 years ago, or shortly before World War 1.

Which is the sort of thing you would expect clever-clogs commentators to say (in fact they do say this), but it has more impact (ahem) when said by Japan’s leader.

And, indeed, he elaborated.

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He recognises that – just like Britain and Germany in 1914 – Japan and China are inter-dependent economies, trading partners with huge mutual interests.

Peace would therefore be the bulwark of their prosperity and that of the region.

But he was explicit that he saw the 10% per annum increase in China’s defence budget as a provocation.

BBC News – Davos: What Abe said